Meet Urban Bülow – Group Director North America, Bufab Group

Bufab is a trading company working world-wide, founded in 1977 in Småland, Sweden. Today they have operations in 27 countries. They are since 2014 listed as a mid-cap company on Nasdaq Stockholm. 

Bufab offers their customers a full-service solution as Supply Chain Partner for sourcing, quality control and logistics for C-Parts. A majority of the business is trading but for some high end stainless steel fasteners as well as turned or machined parts Bufab has its’ own production companies in Sweden and UK. The high-quality stainless steel fasteners are traded under the name Bumax. It is known as the strongest stainless steel bolt in the World and is made to endure the most demanding of applications. Their Swedish reputation is beneficial for them, and they are proud to be a Swedish company. 

Bufab is active in seven regions, and have a high presence in Europe and Asia, and the goal is to expand the U.S market. They want to serve the customer where the customers are located, which can explain the fact that Bufab has 38 subsidiaries. They plan to grow both organically and to find potential acquisitions partners, to expand its business and find new customers is in the pipeline for the future. They see a lot of potential in the marine industry here in South Florida, for which the Bumax products would suit perfectly.

Welcome Urban Bülow & Bufab to Florida!

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