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Whether you are venturing into a new market, want to expand your reach or are just looking to meet new connections, our extensive network can help you get where you want to be. We arrange business meetings, establish contact and organize different events as well as give you access to the SACC USA network of 20 regional chambers representing 2.300 corporate and individual members. We introduce you to the people you need to know!

The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in Florida also hosts recurring social activities for our members every year, where we celebrate Swedish traditions such as Sommarfesten and the Glögg party.


Annual Meeting 2024

Events in February 2024

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Every year, the chamber in Florida organizes a number of recurring events, such as the Fireball Tournament, Annual Meeting, Sommarfesten and Glögg party. 


The annual Fireball Tournament is an event for everyone. We bring together families, companies, and friends to fight for the trophy in the classic Swedish game of fireball (brännboll).


Every spring we have our Annual Meeting where we present the newly elected Board of Directors and the chamber’s plans for the future. This networking event is ideal to meet professionals from different industries including maritime and hospitality.


Sommarfesten is an event hosted by the Swedish organizations in South Florida and is a mix of midsummer, crayfish party, graduation and summer party.


For the past six years, we've organized a Glögg party to gather our community to get into Christmas spirit.


Our Business Mixers are excellent networking events where you get to meet business professionals, develop business contacts, and socialize with like-minded people over good food, drinks, and entertainment.


Together with our sister chambers we host joint networking opportunities to meet new people from other communities.


We host a number of after work events, a great chance to make new connections and indulge in some food and drinks.


Together with our member companies we co-host events to bring together our extensive community, for excellent network opportunities.


Together with our member companies, we host a large number of events every year, each of different character. 

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