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Whether you are an American company looking to host a Nordic young professional, a Swedish student looking to gain American business experience in the U.S. or you want to be more involved in the Swedish business community in Florida, SACC Florida offers many exciting opportunities. 



Our internship program gives companies in Florida the opportunity to host an intern from Sweden for a period of 6-18 months.


SACC-USA is a designated J-1 visa sponsor of the U.S. Department of State’s Exchange Visitor Program which promotes educational and cultural exchange in order to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries. As a member of SACC Florida, companies have access to the SACC USA trainee program, which provides them with the opportunity to host highly qualified and bilingual Nordic trainees on a J-1 visa. This is a cost-efficient way of accessing Swedish talent and technology, while adding cultural diversity to any operation. For trainees, a traineeship in the U.S is the opportunity of a lifetime.

The SACC-USA Trainee Program and J-1 visa service can be used for everything from a summer internship for a student from Sweden, to a longer training program for someone who has just graduated, to an 18 month visa for a Swedish employee in a rotation program.

Benefits of the SACC USA trainee program

A meeting platform for companies and trainees

SACC USA publishes available trainee positions and advertise them through channels in Sweden. Trainee candidates apply through SACC and are pre-screened.

Knowledge transfer between Sweden and the U.S.

U.S. companies get access to Swedish technology and know-how by hosting a trainee. The trainee will bring back U.S. expertise to Sweden.

Fostering entrepreneurship and engaging young people in international business

The J-1 visa can be utilized by joint ventures or partnerships between the U.S. and Sweden. Today’s trainees are tomorrow’s business leaders - your current trainee may become your best customer or ambassador in Sweden or wherever else in the world her career will take her.

We have found the J-1 Visa program to be highly effective and it has meet many of our marketing and operational business needs. Our trainee is a talented, resourceful and always willing to roll-up her sleeves and help out. In her short time with us she has developed several creative marketing programs and has been invaluable rolling out our CRM and revising our SharePoint platform.


SACC-USA’s Trainee Program gives you as a Swedish or Finnish citizen an excellent opportunity to train with a company in the United States on a J-1 visa, for up to 18 months. SACC Florida can assist you with finding a host company that matches your profile. as well as the introduction to the SACC USA trainee program.


With a J-1 visa you are able to:


• Participate in a structured and guided work-based learning program in an American business setting to gain firsthand experience of life and business in the United States

• Write your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis for a U.S. company

• Participate in a trainee program at a mother company, subsidiary or business/joint venture partner in the U.S.


Put theory into practice

Use your knowledge in real-life situations in an international business setting

American business experience

Get first-hand experience in how business is conducted in the U.S.

English language skills

Improve your English speaking and writing skills

Cross-cultural Skills

Develop an understanding of U.S. customs and culture and become adept at cross-cultural communication – an invaluable skill in your future career

Competitive advantage

International experience will give you a competitive advantage in the Swedish job market

International Network

Start building a personal international network



The opportunity of a lifetime. Work as a trainee in the US. 


Applications for Spring/Summer 2025 will open Fall 2024! 

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