This week’s Membership Spotlight is with Wine+Garden. We did a short Q&A with Greger Nilzen.

Why did you decide to become a member of SACC F.L & Palm Beach?

I have been a member in Dallas SACC for the last 5 years I lived there and made a lot of great connections that way. When moving to Ft Lauderdale it was a natural step. I have made both friends and business connections this way as well as be able to have some fun with fellow Swedes. 

What are the perks of running a restaurant in South Florida?

Being so close to the beach gives the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who is here visiting. Since I intentionally didn’t focus on creating another “tourist-trap”, but a great restaurant I been able to stay above the competition. Having the location in a place I consider paradise does is a nice perk. 

Describe your restaurant in three words 
Romantic, Mystic and Friendly

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