Membership Spotlight: Voice Professional & HammarstromMEDIA

During the month of May, we had the pleasure of meeting one of our Small-Business Members Voice Professional, represented by the founder Fia Hammarström. She shared her story and what started as a passion has now grown into a business, driven by her dedication and innovative vision. Since 1992 when she started her company VOICE, the following brands have been flag ships in her company:

HammarstromDRONE (Industrial Focus)

Soon HammarstromMUSIC will be added to her list of brands.

Photographer: Marcus Möller

CEO & Owner

Born and raised in Hindås outside of Gothenburg, Fia moved to Stockholm in the early 90’s, where she started her own business, Voice Professional. Her business grew and she got known as “the girl with the voices”. In the beginning of the journey, Voice Professional served voice banks to different well-known brands with a broad target audience and has been serving voice communication to many different clients representing voice talents worldwide. Her business serves voices for commercials, dubbing, e-learning and telecom applications, and is today based in Sweden and in the U.S.

In 2010 she was under due diligence as an international well known synthetic speech company wanted to buy her business as her tech knowledge was a competence development to the buyers. She decided to continue without selling her brand.

What started as Voice Professional in 1992, is today the owner of different brands. Fia explained how her work journey naturally moved into the film business while she was helping cast directors with castings, leading up to her also being a part of the film industry today working as an agent and a film producer in the U.S.

Photographer: Bengt Säll

Eyes On the Tech Industry & AI Development

With a background as a tech consultant for Ericsson and Telia, Fia is not only involved in the voice and film industry, but also a professional with focus towards the tech industry and AI. She explained how AI has become a big part of the industry, making new imprints in the world of voice recording. Although AI is both a threat and a possibility for many industries, she explained how she believes in the importance of developing with technology. Despite recognizing AI’s potential, she also expressed its limitations, and how the use of AI can result in the loss of emotional attachments. She clarified how the voice services created by Voice Professional are still able to give clients the feeling of authenticity and an emotional attachment to it.

With an interest in tech, Fia sees future possibilities within the industry. That is one of the reasons as to why she is a Small Business Member at SACC Florida, where she wants to emerge more towards creative tech, meet new people within the industry and to see possible opportunities for joint ventures.

In light of the changing times and the challenges industries have faced since Covid, she shared her perspective on the future, highlighting her tendency not to plan too far ahead due to the unpredictability of tomorrow. But one thing is certain, and that is her belief in putting your passion into projects, which Voice Professional is a result of after 32 years in the business.

If you want to learn more about her brands, please visit, and all different brands are included under the different tags, or add .com after the mentioned brands. is the only brand without a “.com” domain.

If you wish to connect with Fia Hammarström, you will find her contact information here:
+1 954 849 8208

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