Membership Spotlight: Consilium

Picture: Martin Steen (left), Joel Tillman (right)
 Picture: Martin Steen (left), Joel Tillman (right)

Martin Steen, Regional Manager for the Americas

During the month of April, we had the opportunity to meet Martin Steen at Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami, where he represented Consilium along with his team. Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, Martin Steen relocated to Florida in 2016 from his previous position as managing director for Consilium South Korea. At Consilium, he holds the position as Regional Manager for the Americas, where he oversees business development and sales.


Consilium Safety Group provides fire and gas safety technologies, combining safety expertise with intelligent detection. The company contributes to protecting lives, property, and the planet through technology. What started in 1912 is today an international company driven by innovation. The company is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has over 55 offices. With a market-leading position, they are now on a journey to transform and shape the industry’s future by becoming the number 1 in safety tech globally.

Consilium Safety Group have over 1000 employees and more than 55 service and sales offices across the globe. They have fitted more than 39,000 safety systems (Fire and Gas Detection systems). Consilium has currently more than 50% market share on the Marine Market for seagoing vessels, meaning every second ship supplied by the yards is equipped with a Consilium Safety Systems. The company’s target audience mainly consists of cruise ships, the navy, container ships and trains, with an international market.

A Trust Member of SACC Florida

Consilium holds a significant role as one of SACC Florida’s Trust Members, contributing greatly to our organization. The company’s membership is driven by two key factors. Firstly, they value the networking opportunities offered by SACC Florida. Secondly, they are enthusiastic participants in our trainee program, leveraging the valuable opportunities it provides. This opportunity has allowed them to recruit trainees and new talents to their company! Sandra Siljevik Laine, one of our board members at SACC Florida, is currently a trainee at Consilium through the SACC trainee program!

If you want to learn more about Consilium please click here! 

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