September Newsletter 2020

SACC Florida Newsletter



We would like to start this newsletter off by saying thank you for the warm welcome that we received on the announcement of the new SACC Florida. We are very excited about this new journey and are happy to hear that you seem to be equally as enthusiastic! 

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity – please do visit our brand new website where you will also find some nostalgic words and pictures from both Kickan Willians on former SACC Miami, as well as Per Cedergren on former SACC Fort Lauderdale & Palm Beach.

Furthermore, we want to welcome you back after a well-deserved summer break. Fall is just around the corner and although we still have a global pandemic at our hands and this back-to-work season will undoubtedly be different, we are certain there will also be new exciting opportunities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions, new ideas or suggestions!

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