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As owner and president of Cimplement Inc., a company with over 60 associates around the world, I am proud of how we help already successful companies further sharpen their Influencing, Leadership and Sales/Negotiation skills, creating a common language and style, with clear tangible results such as higher sales results and client satisfaction,better retention of talent and a common language, both in leadership and in sales, and not only in words, in daily actions.

Over my 27 years of working with global companies I have found that many company leaders find themselves frustrated that despite excellent systems, policies and instructions there is still too big of a gap between words and actions. It can be in sales as well as daily leadership. For instance, just telling professionals that “you need to sell more” seldom gives desired results 🙂 Just as yelling “play better” normally does not make anyone a better athlete. The best companies knows this. They realize that influencing skills are exactly that, skills that needs to be sharpened, trained and maintained for top level results, both on individual and company level, so it becomes a common language, a common culture. This is the reason the company name is Cimplement, Company Culture Implementation.

Mindset matters….and smart people often destroy their own learning 🙂To make matters worse, the successful mindset in many professions is that of finding and solving problems (think for instance accountants, lawyers and engineers). The same mindset that forms the success for professionals (finding and fixing problems) is in many ways working against success in sales and leadership. After all, a performance dialogue that starts with “welcome, we are here to talk about you, you are the problem!” is not off to the best start 🙂 Neither is a sales meeting, where we pick a fight with the most skeptical client person(s) so he/she feels encouraged to talk more. At the end, we help everyone to better triggering constructive, future & solution-oriented reactions from colleagues and clients. So here’s a little secret; most adults, especially very smart people, are very good at destroying their own learning, spending more time finding excuses and justifying own behavior more than learning to act in a better way. So the first step to truly develop mindset and skills is to overcome the “I know this already” tendency. How can that be done?

How do we help develop mindset & skills-set of top professionals? Through a challenging and fun training experience!So this is what we offer, a safe environment where making mistakes is just a fun opportunity to learn, to see what makes it or breaks it in crucial situations, and to see what price we pay when we just follow our own gut reactions, when we fight more than we trigger constructive reactions from others. After all, who doesn’t want to have colleagues who are proactive, who learn from their mistakes, who takes good initiatives and who are constructive and fun to work with? Who doesn’t want to have clients that see and appreciate the value of the products and services we bring, who are able to convince themselves to buy? Sharpening all these skills is what we help companies with. When we get the pleasure of training a crucial mass of key persons in a company, a common language, a common culture is formed. Ask for instance PwC in Norway where all the Partners and a majority of Directors have gone through a program with the stated aim of creating a stronger and shared sales culture. If accountants and lawyers can develop a strong sales mindset, then we all can! After a few sessions with intensive exercises, revealing both personal strengths and areas for improvement, and training how to do it better, they are now fully capable to seamlessly switch between the “delivery mindset” and the “influence clients mindset”. End results? Higher client satisfaction and better sales results across the board.

We are the training company behind the best companies. We work with companies ranging from small startups to major multinationals such as PwC, Accenture, EY, KPMG, SAP, Ericsson, Volvo, Electrolux, Husqvarna etc.. Local clients in South Florida includes Amadeus in Miami and Consilium Marine in Fort Lauderdale. As you can imagine, we are also since a few months delivering our training/coaching programsvirtually, with great results, in a very time and travel efficient way.

If you are interested to sharpen the constructive influencing skills of your key persons, please feel free to call at 786 847 4510 or email me at or visit out website:

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