Unitec Marine

Unitec Marine is an engineering company that provides mechanical and electrical services to the oil and marine industry worldwide, both on- and offshore. The three owners started the company in October four years ago, while they were employed on a ship. They came up with an idea to build a company that could do the same job as their current employer, just better! 

Today, Unitec Marine has about 50 employees, whereof six are based at the office and three are based out on the ships. Jonas and Nils claim that being Swedish is an advantage in the sense that they were raised with good work ethics. They have taught in their employees the same quality, and have therefore managed to implement large projects for their contractors. 

Nils and Jonas classify their company as medium/large. They don’t want to become a large company because it wouldn’t be beneficial for them. They would rather grow geographically. Today, Unitec Marine do projects in France and Finland where the drydocks are located. Recently, they expanded to Norway where they have sex to eight people working. 

It’s a fast growing business, and Nils and Jonas know the importance of having the right resources. For that reason, they work on maintaining good contact with old and new contractors.

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