MEMBERSHIP SPOTLIGHT: Fine Line Marine Electric

What does Fine Line Marine Electric do?

Fine Line Marine Electric provides electrical and control engineering services to the mega yacht industry through a highly-trained staff of 15. Our offices are located in Lauderdale Marine Center, the nation’s largest luxury yacht repair and ship yard facility. Fine Line specializes in shore power converter systems, customized control units, integrated ship monitoring programs and all types of electrical surveys on the vessels.


What’s the best thing is about being in the Maritime industry in Florida?

There are very few places around the globe with this high demand for marine electricians/engineers, which provide a large platform to operate and build a business on. (The “Mega yacht industry” in South Florida is a billion dollar industry.) Also, the climate is nice 98% of the time for water sports and other maritime activities.


What’s the most important reason to join SACC-SFL?

The most important reason to join SACC-SFL is the community and network of knowledge. Most of us have Swedish ties and have similar obstacles to climb within the business world. SACC -SFL is a rather young and vibrant community where most of us are up and coming companies but still with a base of some long-time established companies. Where other chambers might be stagnant, with only old timers with the motto “this is the way we always have done it”, this chamber is very relevant and in tune with “now”.

Thank you Fine Line Marine Electric for being members of SACC-SFL, we highly value your membership with us!


Contact information:
Petrus Sundevall, Operations Manager, (888) 326-6692 ext. # 1

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