Membership Spotlight with Frederick Burman from Skanska

Frederick Burman is the Senior Vice President of the Skanska Group Asset Management function, based in the US  in Miami, FL. Skanska is one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups.

Skanska US was founded in the 1970:ies and has grown to include two nationwide construction units, Skanska USA Building and Skanska USA Civil, as well Commercial Development in five US urban markets; LA, Houston, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Boston. Frederick’s main role is to represent Skanska on the boards of its three US Public-Private Partnership concession companies – the Midtown/Downtown Tunnel in Norfolk/Portsmouth, Virginia, LaGuardia Terminal B in New York and the I-4 Ultimate highway in Orlando. The projects typically involve construction periods of 4-6 years, and thereafter operations and maintenance responsibilities for up to 30-50+ years. Frederick’s main work duties entail visiting Skanska’s customers and the projects on site, traveling to Virginia, New York and Orlando on a frequent basis. He has been working for Skanska and living in Florida since 2006, and is currently the single employee at the Miami location. Skanska Asset Management’s headquarters in the US is located in Arlington, Virginia. Frederick also works closely with Skanska in Sweden as he reports back onproject progress.

Skanska’s presence in the US started in the 1970’s, when it bought several construction companies in select markets, in order to diversify its business. At first, the companies bought did not change their company names, given their strong local reputations and know-how. Today, all companies have been fully integrated into the Skanska fold, in an effort of streamlining overhead, promoting Skanska as single brand under one set of values. As a consequence thereof, Skanska has a strong company culture across all its international markets today, including its strong focus on safety, living up to customer commitments, global leadership in sustainability and green construction, as well as in diversity and ethics. Skanska also is committed to being a leading employer of choice for talent within our industry.

Frederick finishes off the interview by stating that in the US, Skanska as a whole is here to stay!

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